Established Suppliers of Fresh Fruit

With our long experience in distribution, our skilled team proudly offers the best quality produce all year long.

Delivering Consistent Superior Quality

We place a strict focus on quality and only represent selected growers and suppliers.

Continuously Offering Efficient Logistics

We provide favourable shipping, delivery, and payment methods.

Our Services

Storage of fruit

High-quality storage facilities for continued freshness

Excellent quality control

We only provide fruit that meets the highest standards.

Efficient logistics

We ensure produce always arrive at the right location, on time.

About Us

About Us

Established in 2013, A Fruits is a wholesaler of fresh fruits. We specialise in optimising fruit movement from source to market. Our key markets are Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

At A Fruits, our combined knowledge of the fruit industry, as well as the markets in Europe, make us a serious and reliable partner. 

Our success is due to placing a strong emphasis on personal service and building long-term sustainable relationships.